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July 19, & December 13, 2021 Board of Review Meetings

Posted June 14, 2021

The Township Board of Review (B.O.R.) will conduct these two public, "in-person" meetings at the Doelle Senior Citizen Center located in Tapiola both beginning at 10:00 AM.  The business items that will be conducted at these two B.O.R. meetings will include such things as; the review of qualified, clerical errors, appeals related to "principal residence exemptions, taxable value uncapping, poverty exemptions, qualified agricultural property exemptions, disabled veterans/poverty exemptions.

Note:  Those business items mentioned above should be presented to the Assessor prior to the meetings and those business items can be put on the agenda and will be then be taken up by the B.O.R. members.  For a more formal discussion of the the items addressed and the dates by which the petitioners need to submit information at either the July and the December meetings - (see the attached PDF).

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