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Green Acres Road Sewer Project Update

Posted November 12, 2021

>> After a number of years the USDA - Rural Development (RD) funded the Township, based on the UP - Engineers estimate, a loan/grant combination to build this directly drilled sewer project and existing sewer repair.

>> Subsequently, UP-Engineers placed public advertisements put together bid packets and set a deadline for bid submitals for this project.

>> At the bid opening date, one bidder tendered a successful bid that was 1.6 million above the amount funded by RD to initiate this project.

>> During COVID times RD reviewed and ok'ed the one lone bidder. The Twp. formally reached out to RD to seek additional funding hopefully found in that Agencies 2021 budget. 

>> By the early fall of 2021, at the end of the federal fiscal year, no additional turn-back monies were found in RD nationwide that could have been used by Michigan's RD for this project.

>> Shortly, after the new 2022 federal fiscal year began, RD was able to find additional monies to address the 1.6 million in the form of a grant/loan at an exceedingly low interest rate, very similiar to the initial grant/loan percentage.

>> The Twp. has now committed to this new loan/grant, SO: during the spring of 2022 this joint, directionally drilled sewer project and existing sewer repair work will formally get underway.