Forest Hill Cemetery

48048 MacInnes Drive
Houghton, Michigan 49931

Forest Hill Sexton:
Marty Heikkila
(906) 231-7395 [cell] 


Forest Hill Cemetery is owned and operated by Charter Portage Township. It is approximately 80 acres in size and now is approaching approximately 16,000 individuals buried within it's boundaries. To reference/find a grave site, contact the Sexton at Forest Hill who maintains the records on-site.

Approximately, 20% of the lots contained in the cemetery have "perpetual care" agreements for them. Those lots are addressed in the early spring.

Forest Hill has a vault that is used for winter storage of deceased individuals and or their cremains so they can be interred in the early spring.

There is a Sexton and two Grounds Keepers that are employed by the Township for the maintenance and improvements done at the cemetery.

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