Otter Lake Recreational Area

Size of Park: Approximately 33 Acres

This township-owned park in Tapiola has a pavilion/ice rink, softball diamond with dugouts, vaulted toilets, and a senior citizen meeting facility. Could be used for baseball tournaments, fundraisers, reunions and other special events.

Pilgrim Estates Tennis Court

Size of Park: Approximately 1 Acres

This township-owned small park has a fenced tennis court which includes basketball hoops and lined pickle ball courts and is located adjacent to a small parking area.


Dodgeville Recreation Area

Size of Park: Approximately 5 Acres

This township-owned park has an illuminated, covered pavilion with a cement floored ice rink. It also has a warming/changing restroom facility, playground equipment, basketball courts, horseshoe pits and a paved parking area. The new cement-based ice rink can be used during the summer months for pickle ball, skate boarding, in-line skating, biking, large family meetings, reunions, and other special events. Winter usage of the rink would include family skating, pickup hockey, broomball, etc.

Hurontown Recreation Area

Size of Park: Approximately 6 Acres

This township-owned park has a fenced softball diamond, backstop and dugouts, 2 tennis courts, a large soccer field and handicapped accessible bathrooms. It is located adjacent to the privately owned Houghton Football Club's (HFC) new soccer facility which is also open to the public depending upon the football clubs training and game scheduling.