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Sump Pump Discharge in Commercial Sewer

Posted July 9, 2022

Once again - this spring there was a huge influx of sump-pump water discharged from the Dodgeville/Hurontown communities during the months of April and May in to our sewer system. The treatment costs for that 2 month excess clean water discharge period was approximately $50,000.00 dollars; or approximately 1/3 of our yearly treatment cost budget.

The Township experienced 36 days over that two month period that we exceeded our daily maximum water treatment volume quotas resulting in $15,631 worth of penalties. 

It is illegal to outlet sump pumps in to our commercial sewer system.

The Township will have to begin house to house inspections to curb this sump-pump outletting in to the public sewer.  We may also have to begin levying Civil Infraction fines to the violators in order to curb this practice.

These elevated treatment and penalty costs may also force the Township to consider rate increases for violators found to be discharging illigeally.

SO: Be advised - do not outlet basement sump-pumps in to the sewer system; treatment and penalty costs hurt everyone on that sewage system.